The leader of the street is going to our department to carry out a cool summer holiday

Release Date:2017-12-15

In the afternoon of August 25th, 5 people from the Party group, Wu Xusong, the union Zhou Jing, came to our department to carry out a cool summer holiday.

In our union under the leadership of Zheng Anhua, a pedestrian to the workshop, not only to work at the frontline staff sent summer medicines, umbrellas, cups, towels and other items of daily life, employees sent a condolence, because "you worked hard, warm the hearts of the staff.

The hot summer will continue, the test is also growing, send cool though not completely solve the hot environment of the workshop, but the care of employee situation, each employee can see in the eyes, small action to protect the health of employees, employees for the summer day production escort, and make the employees in the summer in the deep feelings to the street union care and hang company family like warmth.